Volkswagen T4 California 85 euro (up to 4 people)

Rent a Motorhome, Caravan, RV, Van, Camper in Montenegro, Croatia and other countries of the Balkans

Campervan based on Volkswagen T4 California, 1991, 2.4 diesel engine, manual transmission.

Campervan is very easy to manage, has power steering. It can reach speeds of up to 160km per hour. Consumption of diesel fuel 7 liters per 100 km. 

Campervan is amazing invention that allows you to travel the whole family and not to lose home comfort. The living area of ​​the motorhome includes cozy beds (for 4 people), a dining table, a full kitchen with a stove and a sink.

In the Campervan everything functions as in an ordinary apartment. Shower, kitchen, toilet are operated as easily and simply as in any apartment. The tank for clean water is 100 liters (you can fill it at oil station for free). Tank for used water (kitchen) 25 liters, for toilet 20 liters.

  • Number of people 4
  • Security deposit 200 Eur
  • Driving license category       “B”
  • Fuel (full tank, return the same) DIESEL
  • Transmission      Mechanik
  • Solar system 200Watt       yes
  • Inverter from DC/AC 220V (150W)  yes
  • Metal safe for money   yes
  • Gas stove, fridge  yes
  • Two sets of bed linen, towels   yes
  • Kitchen utensils for 4 persons  yes
  • Shower, sink, biotoilet   yes
  • Hot water   no
  • Outdoor dining table, chairs (by the number of people) yes
  • A tank for clean water, a waste water lank   yes
  • Beds: upper bed 1.9 x 1.4 m
  • Lower bed 1.9 x 1.2 m

We will give you for free: kitchen utensils and cookware for eating, bedding and towels for the number of people, gas detector, outdoor furniture, as well as by prior arrangement we will give you a diving mask, a guitar, fishing equipment for free , pillows for sleeping of different types (hypoallergenic, orthopedic, large and others).

We can additionally provide you with:

  • bicycle 5 euro/day;
  • inflatable boat for two (kayak) 15 euro/day;
  • tent for two people 7 euro/day;
  • baby car seat 2 euro per day
  • kayak for 2 people 10 euro per day
  • boat for 4 people 10 euro per day
  • diving kit 35 euro per day
  • kite surf kit 25 euro per day
  • scooter 15 euro per day

We can help you to make your individual travel itinerary in Montenegro, Croatia (Balkans) and give parking points. We have interesting routes for you around Montenegro and other countries

It is necessary to return Campervan on the following conditions:

  • with a clean and empty toilet (toilet cassette should be empty and clean).
  • with a full tank of diesel fuel (because we give you a motorhome with a full tank of diesel).
  • return a motorhome to the place, where you take it.
  • check out time is 10 a.m. (You need to return the Campervan before 10am of the last day of a lease). If you need to change the place and time of transfer of the caravan, inform us in advance. It is possible!
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